Lisa MB 17 / 22

As a W & H trained and authorized Lisa service company Advanced Technical Services (ATS) can provide routine service and repair work on Lisa Class B steam sterilizers. Our service includes pick up and delivery and the use of a loan sterilizer whilst routine maintenance and repairs are carried out at our workshop. As the requirement for manufacturers to ensure their autoclaves and sterilizers meet the demands of the standards inevitably means higher technological advances are required in machine design and manufacture, the modern Class B sterilizers has an array of components including vacuum pump,s, water pumps, steam generators, flow sensors, steam sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors air detectors, level sensors. The equipment utilizes a unique combination of high pressure steam, high temperature, water, electronics and electrical power means it is inevitable that the modern autoclave if not properly maintained will cause grief.

ATS have established a preventative maintenance program to ensure that your Lisa autoclave is kept in optimum condition, and to take away the headaches of Unnecessary breakdowns. We work with your team to ensure that the operators understand the importance of the user maintenance and how this can help prevent break downs.

In addition to the routine maintenance ATS also carries out cycle validations using our computerised data aquisition equipment and software to help your practice ensure it meets the strict requiremets of the relivant standards AS/NZS4815 & AS/NZS4187.

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