Lisa 300/500/Auto

About Lisa:

The Lisa sterilizer features unique made-to-measure automatic type B cycles as well as an integrated traceability system with user identification and load release option.

Furthermore, the Lisa sterilizer has an extremely user-friendly touch screen and its Air Detection System offers automatic cycle validation for extra safety in infection prevention.

Lisa’s integrated on-board computer automatically manages the whole traceability procedure. The main advantage: There is no need for an additional computer or special software.

A wide range of accessories is also available for the Lisa sterilizer so as to facilitate the sterilization procedure.

The main features of the Lisa sterilizer at a glance:

  • Made-to-measure automatic cycles
  • Integrated and automatic traceability system
  • Integrated memory card
  • Patented water separation and filtering system
  • Automatic Air Detection System
  • Built-in frame dust filter
  • Programmable delayed cycle start
  • Water quality sensor
  • Double micro-processor technology
  • Programmable night cycle
  • True fast ECO-B cycle
  • Extremely reliable and easy to use
  • New water analyser
  • High tech steam generator
  • High performance vacuum pump
  • PEDS process evaluation system
  • Water connectivity sensor
  • Automatic door locking system

With the programmable delayed cycle start you save time and energy costs. Made-to-measure automatic cycles reduces the cycle time according to the number and type of items to be sterilized.
The integrated memory card with USB reader archives the sterilization and test cycle reports.